You may have heard of us because of our outstanding cakes and pastries, or perhaps its our inspired choice of baked savouries and artisan hand-made breads that caught your eye. One food critic said our croissants were “iconic” whatever that means so perhaps that's how you found us. However your browsing landed you here we hope you'll stay awhile, to find out more about our story, products or just to browse through the deliciousness on offer. Once you've found your way around you'll know that we've been sounding the clarion call for better British baking since 1999 so do please feel free to join in - if there isn't a Euphorium near you, don't worry we're on our way.

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Good. Better. Bread.

Spring has sprung…

In the words of Frank Sinatra “You make me feel so young, you make me feel so spring has sprung” and […]

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All Hail The Muesli Loaf!

Fruity, crumbly, delicious…and now award winning! You only have to visit one of our shops to see the commotion this […]

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Say Hello to Smoothies

We’re squeezing out the last bit of summer with our new fresh fruit smoothies. But don’t be fooled into thinking […]

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Our Story

  • Our first bakery opens

    Islington was the hub of political life in the late 90s, where Tony Blair planned a daring renovation of Britain with clandestine conversations in local eateries. It was on this fertile ground that the seed of Euphorium was first sown by Daniel Bear, with a purpose built bakery at 202 Upper Street in 1999. He didn't know it at the time, of course, but our focus on the finest possible ingredients and hand-made artisan baking was the start of a British baking revolution. Visit 202 Upper Street today, and you'll find the much loved local Euphorium still going strong as ever.

  • Spreading our wings

    Naturally with success comes expansion and, like our bread, Euphorium rises to the occasion. The popularity of 202 led to the opening of our second store in Chapel Street market, satisfying the growing local appetite for fresh, artisan bread. As discerning demand grew over the years, so did Euphorium, opening up first one, then two and then 5 new stores across London - in only the best neighbourhoods naturally...

  • We do cakes, don't you know?

    Like all flourishing businesses, our much loved customers turn to us in their hour of need. So it was that Euphorium were ordered to create the centrepiece of a regular customer's nuptials - the wedding cake. As word spread of their deliciousness so did the Euphorium celebration cake business, making it a now essential part of the Euphorium service: many congratulations with all the trimmings.

  • Introducing the Muesli loaf

    For the real Euphorium afficianado, nothing typifies our pursuit of excellence more than the humble Muesli loaf. Inspired by a baker's own family recipe - bought with him from the Czech Republic but adapted for Euphorium - this product has developed something of a cult following. It's not that scuffles break out when the last Muesli loaf is on display, but there can be a degree of unrest that is only pacified by the promise of a fresh batch tomorrow. Best arrive early to avoid a disturbance.

  • A famous face

    Orders continue to flood in for celebration cakes, particularly from the growing number of food cognoscenti. One particular birthday - May 27th - remains memorable as it was celebrated by a certain cheeky chef from Essex with a cake that is now almost as famous as our notorious customer.

  • We opened our Threadneedle Street store

    Back in 2013 London’s city folk were crying out in need of a place to go for delicious meaty breakfasts and lunches. So in October 2013 we decided to open our carvery store in Threadneedle Street, Bank.
    Once called ‘the best carvery in London’ we are now the go-to place for city folk to get a hot, fresh and premium meaty meal.

  • We won an award!

    In 2014 we won the Quality Food Award 2014 for our much loved Euphorium Muesli loaf and we couldn’t be prouder. Our muesli loaf has had pride and place on our shelves since 2008 and is our customers all time favourite Euphorium loaf. We love you Muesli!

  • Good better Bread

    With a launch of new breads you can choose from our new; Protein Bread with seeds (sunflower seeds, chia seeds, linseed and spelt, decorated with chia seeds) or Ancient Grain made from Nordic wheat decorated with malted wheat, sunflower seed, brown linseed, millet, wheat, rye, barley and oat flakes. That’s just a few. Check out more of our breads from our selection here.

  • Our mighty muesli wins again!

    We ended 2016 on a high as we won the Quality Food Award for our iconic euphorium muesli bread.
    Our mighty muesli has won over our customers hearts (and taste buds!) since back in 2008 and has since won the Quality Food Awards not once but twice! All hail the muesli loaf!

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