Teapigs Matcha challenge

Posted 13 January, 2014 in Products


So who’s taking part in the teapigs Matcha Challenge?


Well there is still time to get on board! If you want to give January blues the boot and kick start the new year with bundles of bursting energy, drink a Matcha once a day for a month. You should begin to feel super inside within two weeks. Don’t let its size fool you, this mighty tea is packed with up to 70x the nutrients than in orange juice and has won best slimming product of the year in 2011.

To help you on your way to a jolly new you, receive 20% off on your Matcha pack purchased at our bakery – for the month of January only.

For that extra boost we are also doing speciality Matcha drinks in store, a delicious juice, tea and a latte. Be sure to ask in your local bakery for more information.

Follow us on twitter and chat to other fellows who are taking the challenge too. Twitter@: euphoriumbakery #matchachallenge

Happy New Year Mum’s the word!