Spring has sprung…

Posted 18 March, 2016 in Seasonal

In the words of Frank Sinatra “You make me feel so young, you make me feel so spring has sprung” and we have to agree with him, Spring time definitely has a kind of warming and happy feeling about it.

You begin to spot beautiful flowers whilst on the way to work, the sun shine wakes you up in the morning before your alarm and you may even be able to sit outside in the fresh air on your lunch break.

Whatever it is that you love about Spring, it really does make everyone so much happier.


 If you’re anything like us you may still be trying to follow that ‘new year new me’ resolution and attempting to eat healthier and to get fitter in time for Summer….

Psst, we have something which can help you!

Many of our artisan breads have health and nutritional benefits not only making them totally delicious but also healthy. Such as, the Scandanavian tin which is wholegrain and made with raw oats, the Spirulina and Chia seed loaf which is a superfood bread, and the protein bread which yep you guessed it contains protein.

Did you know that Chia seeds are the highest form of Omega 3, which is great for your mind and body.

You can thank us later…



It’s beginning to taste a lot like Christmas